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In advance of our upcoming forum on Modern Monetary Theory, Dennis Torigoe builds on his recent article on MMT, “The Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency,” and addresses responses to it.

MMT Forum: Background Reading

In advance of our upcoming forum on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) this Sunday, October 3rd, our panelists have assembled a helpful list of background materials to ground your understanding of MMT before our discussion. While Voices for New Democracy has published a number of pieces relating to MMT (here, here, here, and here), these additional […]

Truth & Reconciliation in Greensboro

Nelson & Joyce Johnson, founders of Greensboro’s Beloved Community Center, sketch out some of those values, assumptions and strategic objectives to establish a North Carolina Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC).

“Once In A While There Are Rainbows” – Podcast on Immigrant Justice

| José Calderón | Thank you to Professor James McKeever for this interview and his podcast that is advancing new and innovative scholarly roads. Please connect with this podcast for an informative discussion on the significance of community-based scholarship and the possibilities for creating new models of racial equity and quality of life that are […]

Event: Racism and Policing in the U.S.A.

Police stand by while white supremacist mobs run amok. Black Lives Matter and other protests by the left are attacked with impunity. Police use deadly force against ordinary citizens, disproportionately people of color. All of this is current, but none of it is new. The Oakland Greens, Bay Area System Change Not Climate Change, and the […]

Commentary: Capitol Rioters and the White Working Class

| Robert Glassman | I think the evidence would show that the overwhelming base of support for the violent clown car attempted coup at the Capitol was not white working class, but the expected fascist base of petit bourgeois and lumpen elements. Almost every article I’ve read about those arrested bears this out. Their social […]

What The Left Can Learn From the Story of the CWP

| Harrison Neuhaus | Racist violence with minimal intervention from a sympathetic police force is a recurring theme throughout American history. The Left has long recognized affinity between the state and white supremacy as a key obstacle to social liberation. But as today’s Left grapples with a rising far-right and historic crises of legitimacy and […]

Transcending Tribalism

| Steve Clark | In this interview, Alaine Duncan looks at our nation as a “trauma survivor” and discusses how to transcend tribalism. A challenge for our nation’s tribes is learning to tolerate our own discomfort and not perceive discomfort as unsafe. Transcending Tribalism Alaine Duncan graduated from acupuncture school in 1990 and completed Somatic […]

Inequality: Why Are The Rich Getting Richer?

| Steve Clark | This short video from Positive Money (a British financial reform group) explains how government borrowing and interest payments to banks syphon money from the public to build bank profit. The system works the same in the US, but there is a better way: direct government spending.

Greensboro Massacre: Remembering a 1979 Moral Moment

From slave patrols to lynchings to last week’s assault on the US Capitol, police-enabled, racist attacks are nothing new in the US. One of these was the 1979 Greensboro Massacre in which five anti-racist organizers were killed by Klan and Nazi gunmen, abetted by local police. This month, a panel of survivors previewed a 20-minute documentary […]

Job Guarantee: Economic Justice Cornerstone?

| Steve Clark | The notion of a Job Guarantee is on a lot of lips these days, led by modern monetary theory (MMT) proponent Pavlina Tcherneva, whose short book (128 pages!), The Case for a Job Guarantee, has captured widespread acclaim. In my opinion, it’s must-reading for anyone trying to define a truly transformative […]

we will win: An Artist Response to Injustice

| Ana Maria Alvarez | In the wake of Ahmad Arbery’s murder, Jose Cano — the drummer of Las Cafeteras, a music group that we have collaborated with over the years — reached out to me. We both felt so angry and upset, and decided to create something together as a way to channel all […]

On Supporting Immigrant/Refugee Rights

“Building Multi-Racial Coalitions Against Trump’s Criminalization Policies” | Jose Calderon | The families who are coming here from Central America, Mexico, and Latin America overall are coming as a result of years of this country’s foreign policies toward those countries and the growing violence and poverty. These reasons include the economic inequalities that exist between […]

The Federal Reserve Should Be a Public Utility

| Madeline Chang | In 1985, the Post-Industrial Society published by the New Democratic Movement began to articulate a new vision of an economy that will provide for and be inclusive of all people in our society. It observed at the time that “most fundamental structural problem of the U.S. economy is failure to increase […]

Biden’s First 100 Days

| Steve Clark | “At the end of February (1932) we were a congeries of disorderly panic-stricken mobs and factions. In the hundred days from March to June we became again an organized nation confident of our power to provide for our own security and to control our own destiny.“ Walter Lippman. For understandable reasons, […]

A Tribute To Sandi Smith

| Leola Bermanzohn | This is a portrait of Sandi Smith from my first mural Women Warriors, painted in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY in October-December 2001. Sandi, Sandra Neely Smith, was one of the Greensboro Five – five people shot & killed by the KKK at an anti-Klan protest in Greensboro North Carolina on November […]

Commentary: Owners to Owners

| Albert Lee | Commentary: “How NYC is attacking the racial wealth gap” – J. Philip Thompson, Daily News, December 3, 2020 NYC’s Owner to Owners initiative to support business owners with employee ownership solutions is bold, timely, and strategic. It’s bold because the program will conduct outreach to 20,000 businesses in the coming months. […]

An Introduction to LeftRoots

| Carl Redwood | LeftRoots is preparing cadre as liberatory strategists for the next phases of our struggle to build 21st  Century socialism. In These Times describes LeftRoots as a five-year-old social­ist group that offers a hub for on-the-ground orga­niz­ers around the coun­try to strate­gize togeth­er. Left­Roots’ mem­ber­ship includes ​“super-majori­ties both of peo­ple of col­or, and of women […]

On the White Working Class

| James Bernard | I think that there is a profound lack of compassion for poor and working class white people in this country.  I believe that there is white privilege and that the original sin of this country was slavery, something that is baked into our collective DNA.  I believe that the key to […]